Trip to Korea

There is a voice description of each slide that you can listen to while looking at the slides. It is from the cassette tapes we made almost thirty years ago. I was pretty long winded (no rehearsals or editting and tapes were cheap) and the section for this page is about three minutes and will take about one minute to download with a dial up connection. So might you not want to get it unless you have a broadband connection to the internet.

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Our next stop was in Hawaii. This is the view from our hotel room. View of Hawaii. =0=
We visited the Botanical garden in Hawaii. This is a bantan tree. They get really massive and can cover an entire block. However, it is hard to get a picture of that. Bantan tree. =0=
The limbs of the tree drop rope like roots that dangle down until they reach the ground, and hopefully, get buried. Then they get larger and larger and become, with others, a whole new truck like this one. Bantan tree. =0=
This is a flower we saw at the Botanical Garden. Botanical Garden. =0=
As well as a bridge across a stream. Botanical Garden. =0=
While we were in Hawaii they had a parade (or mayvbe they have them every day like the fireworks at Disneyland. This is a Hawaian leading the way for royal family. Parade. =0=
Each of the islands still have their own royal families and they were all represented in this parade. This is one of the princesses for one of the families. Their family color was red and was wearing a lovely red dress. Parade, Hawaian Royalty. =0=
This is a decorated vehicles in the parade of which this is one. Decorated Vehicle. =0=
There were a couple of floats in the parade. Parade Float. =0=
Parade Float. =0=
Of course we had to visit the zoo in Hawaii. Doesn't this giraffe look Hawaian to you? The Hawaian zoo was a particularly nice zoo as the cages were not very obtrusive, they were really more like enclosures. Giraffe in Hawaii. =0=
They had free ranging peacocks which we found impressive as we had heard that if you crossed peacocks they can be particularly vindictive. Peacocks. =0=
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