Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1975 Washington, DC

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Washington, DC. =0= Washington, DC. =0=
In the summer of 1974 I worked as a summer student and Harry Diamond Labs (HDL), an Army weopons development lab that was an off shoot of the National Bureau of Standards (NBS). That summer I worked at their facility (NBS) which was close to the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.. I became good friends with my supervisor, Dennis, and visited him in the spring of 1975. His hobby was flying and I took some pictures of D.C. from the air. At the time they were building a new lab for HDL and below are pictures of the new lab under construction. I worked there from 1979 to 1982. Washington, DC. =0=
HDL, Delphi, MD. =0= HDL, Delphi, MD. =0=
Washington, DC. =0= Washington, DC. =0=
These pictures are of the Chesapeake River Basin and the National Capital (the Mall). I don't imagine that it would be easy to take such pictures now as that is probably a restricted air space (but who is to know). The Washington monument is in most of these pictures which can help you orient the picture and pick out other features such as the National Capital and Whitehouse. Washington, DC. =0=
Washington, DC. =0= Washington, DC. =0=
Pentagon, Alexandira, VA. =0= Pentagon, Alexandira, VA. =0=
Above are pictures of the Pentagon (also more difficult now, I imagine). There were about six cadets at HDL the summer I was there and about a dozen at the Pentagon. The ones at HDL were the geeks while the ones at the Pentagon were the fast tracked movers and shakers. No surprise which group I was with. Washington, DC. =0=
Washington, DC. =0= Washington, DC. =0=
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