Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1975 London, England

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MacGuire AFB, NJ. =0= MacGuire AFB, NJ. =0=
With the long 60 day vacation after graduating I flew standby on a military flight out of MacGuire Air Base, NJ to England. Above there are C130s which soldiers can parachute out of (I had skipped the optional Airborne training in the summer of 1973, geeks don't generally need to jump out of airplanes; instead I went to Germany for a longer training assignment with a Hawk ADA battery outside of Bitburg Air Base). Here is a picture of several C140's which are a larger jet aircraft. These pcitures were washed out, probably because I didn't set the film type right. C140's are mostly empty tubes with mounting tracks along the floor, walls, and ceiling. They set up nylon net seats attached to aluminum frames for passengers (not very comfortable, but light). There almost no windows and the seats face the rear (safer in a crash). However there are a couple of windows and I got these pictures as we were headed to the U.K.. MacGuire AFB, NJ. =0=
C140 view of NJ. =0= C140 view of NJ. =0=
Train Station, England. =0= London, England. =0=
As these slides were taken many years ago, I have forgotten how I got around or where I stayed. I presume I took a train from the U.S. air base to London and then stayed in transient quarters in Londown while I saw the sites. This was my first experience of people driving on the left side of the road and it really surprised me how much I had been trained to look for traffic on the right side. Even when I remembered to look to the right first (as a pedestrian), I would find myself checking to the left anyway (and I would often forget to check the right in any case, Yikes)! London, England. =0=
London, England. =0= London, England. =0=
Buckingham Palace. =0= Buckingham Palace. =0=
There seem to have been two rolls of slides which were developed at the same time and which were each numbered separately, but got mixed up. I have sorted them by the set which seems to have the wrong settings on the camera for the film which was fixed with the next roll. Above and here are more pictures from London with Buckingham Palace and the changing of the guard. There were also some lovely fountains and gardens as shown below. Buckingham Palace. =0=
Buckingham Palace. =0= Buckingham Palace. =0=
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