Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1975 Old Sturbridge Village, MA

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Old Sturbridge Village, MA =0= Old Sturbridge Village, MA =0=
In central Massachusetts there is a historical reconstruction at Sturbridge Village which Dee and I visited with her daughter, BJ. Old Sturbridge Village, MA =0=
Dee and BJ. =0= Brian and Dee =0=
You can see B.J. in the picture directly above. The interior of the buildings was set up as they lived in colonial times. Below are pictures of Dee and BJ (on the left) and me and Dee (on the right). That was my very first time with a beard (not allowed as a soldier, but as a graduate student, who would know). Old Sturbridge Village, MA =0=
=0= =0=
Rye Playland, NY =0= Rye Playland, NY =0=
We also visited Playland in Rye, NY. I had completely forgotten that and believe it was the only time I visited that fair even though I lived in Westchester county for almost twenty years and raised my kids there. This is a picture of Dee and her daughter BJ on the beach there. Dee and BJ. =0=
Plymouth Plantation, MA =0= Plymouth Plantation, MA =0=
These pictures were taken one weekend when I was visiting and there was snow. Dee worked in the dental clinic at West Point but her housing was at Stewart Airbase, about an hour North of West Point and quite close to Newburgh, NY. When we flew to Fort Knox, KN for our tank training, they flew us out of Stewart Airbase. Stewart Field is now also a commericial regional airport. Plymouth Plantation, MA =0=
Plymouth Plantation, MA =0= Plymouth Plantation, MA =0=
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