Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1979 Adelphi, MD

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My suspicion is that this slide is from just before we left before Korea as the background looks like the outside of our trailer in Georgia. Anyway, this is Barbara. Barbara. =0=
In June of 1979 my mom, Bertha, visited us in Maryland. Here she is resting by a flag pole. If you have a hard time recognizing her, there is a blow up of that tiny figure below. We went to Beach Boys concert on the mall to celebrate the Fourth. Below is a pretty sunset though it is pretty hard to pick up the Beach Boys from that distance and in that lighting. There were several sunset which were not as nice which you can see as thumbnails (thumb 39 or thumb 40) or full size (full 39 or full 40). Bertie resting. =0=
Bertie, my mom. Sunset at Capital. =0=
This is just the sunset that evening. Nicer colors in this direction. Sunset at Capital. =0=
We also visited the National Soo with Judy (who we stayed with when we first arrived in Maryland). Below is a nice picture of a giraffe and a cheetah (I believe). There were a couple of not so good pictures of the cheetah which you can see as thumbnails (thumb 44 or thumb 45) or full size (full 44 or full 45). Barbara. =0=
Washington Zoo giraffe. =0= Washington Zoo cheetah. =0=
Here is one of their elephants. When worked at Harry Diamond Labs (HDL) in the summer of 1974 as a summer student, they were co-located with the National Bureau of Standards (where they started in WWII) very close to the zoo and I would walk through the zoo most every day on my way home via bus. Washington Zoo elephant. =0=
This is picture of one of their younger giraffes. I took a couple of other pictures of their giraffes that didn't work out as well (the lighting was poor) but you can see as thumbnails (thumb 47 or thumb 48) or full size (full 47 or full 48).. . =0=
This is Barbara appreciating some flowers. Hair styles were different then I believe. Barbara. =0=
Apparently my brother and dad visited us during the summer of 1979 as there are pictures to document it (though my memory has faded). Here are my bother (Mike), Barbara, my dad (Hugh), and Mike's girlfriend (Holly). There is a not so good picture with a (thumbnail or full size. Mike, Barbara, Hugh, and Holly. =0=
This is Holly, Mike, Barbara, and me. Mike was way thin then (perhaps 130) as you can see above. When I first went to West Point I was the same height and 128 (very thin). There is a not so good picture with (thumbnail or full size. Below are Mike, Barbara, Hugh, and me (on the left) and Mike and me. When I first arrived at HDL there were only about six officers and several hundred civilians. Everyone I worked with was civilian and so I never needed to wear my uniform. As a result I started to let my beard grow (as you can see). However, once the commander noticed me and my beard (drats) and shortly thereafter we were required to wear fatigues to work (so the beard had to go). Oh well.  Holly, Mike, Barbara, and Brian. =0=
Mike, Barbara, Hugh, and Brian. =0= Mike and Brian. =0=
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