Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1981, Trip to England

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After Barbara got her M.L.S. we went to visit my distant cousin Maude and and her husband Edward in Lancashire, England (just west of Yorkshire where many of my relatives are from). There are also pictures from my visit there in 1975. We went ahead and took a regular Pan Am flight over (as they had started discouting fares to England) instead of a MAC flight. While we were so good to get Barbara's passport out of the safety deposit box and put it with my military I.D., we didn't remember to actually pack them and take them with us. Doh! We remembered just as we arriving at Dulles airport, too late to get it (Dulles is pretty far out). We went into the airport and they told us to come back tomorrow. It all worked out fine, no fees or anything (unlike today's ultimate discounted flights with fees for every change). How silly we were. We took walks on the moors with Edward as shown here and below. Lancashire, England =0=
Lancashire, England =0= Lancashire, England =0=
The moors are the pastures and such at the tops of the hills or mountains. They were quite beautiful. I saw on P.B.S. lately that the Romans had found Scotland most inhospitable and never really conquered the Caledonians there. Cold, wet, and desolate and Lancashire (just south of Scotland) is much the same. There was lots of rain even during the summer, so you were always prepared for a shower. That leads to lots of pretty streams as shown above, here, and below. Lancashire, England =0=
Lancashire, England =0= Lancashire, England =0=
Lancashire, England =0= Edward and Barbara =0=
The valleys were really pretty as shown above. Also above are Edward and Barbara in their rain slickers. Here is Barbara in her slicker. As a retired party organizer for the Conservative party, Edward would go on lots of walks, usually with their handicapped dog (missing a front leg). He really loved the walks and did quite nicely with just three legs. Barbara =0=
Lancashire, England =0= Lancashire, England =0=
Here is Edward and their dog. Edward always walked with a walking stick. I sometimes did, but never got very attached to it. Edward and their dog. =0=
Lancashire, England =0= Lancashire, England =0=
The countryside was very beautiful with lots of right of ways which were often trails with rock fences on both sides. Sometimes we we went through gates and crossed open pastures. Edward was most careful about leaving the gates closed, but also exercising the right of way as it was only through continued use that the right of ways remained so that everyone could enjoy the wonderful walks. Lancashire, England =0=
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