Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1982, Adelphi, MD

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Velma, Jack and Barbara. =0= Velma and Jack =0=
Above are pictures of Barb's folks, Velma and Jack with Barbara. Here is Barbara with Velma and below she is with Jack. Also below is a new roll with Barbara late in her pregnancy. On seeing these pictures after many years I feel guilty for having taken these pictures when she was, apparently, so uncomfortable. Bad photographer, Bad!!! Velma and Barbara =0=
Barbara and Jack =0= Barbara =0=
Barbara =0= Barbara =0=
Here are more pictures of Barbara late in the pregnancy for David. Above she is in a rocking chair which we got at a garage sale, but which was quite nice. Next to that is the window to our bedroom upstairs with a view of our bed, a nice mattress on the floor with a comforter which we got in Korea. Below is the living room with carvings we collected in Korea for my dad. He had commit suicide the year before and the carvings were returned to us (we would rather have had more time with my dad). That December we had visited the Boston area and returned to find our house had been broken into and a window left open. The pilot in the gas heater blew out and the pipes and everything else froze. It was a real mess, but one of our friends from work, gave use a replacement plant shown below. This is the original elephant ear philodendrum that are in so many pictures during my travels and afterwards. The plant hangar is the same one we got as a gift at the orphanage and is also in several recent pictures. Barbara =0=
Barbara =0= Barbara =0=
Barbara =0= Barbara =0=
Above and here are a picture of Barbara after her delivery. Doesn't she look much more comfortable. Below are picture of Barbara and I with David. He was delivered at Walter Reed Hospital (as I a soldier at the time) and was very young in those pictures. He also was a little late and had ingested macomium into his lungs, so was in intensive care for a couple of weeks. All was good, though. Barbara =0=
Barbara and David =0= Brian and David =0=
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