Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1990 Dallas, TX

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Once Barbara and I were divorced, the kids and I would visit my family in Dallas. We would stay at my mom's at our old house on Alden. The kids loved to play on this little scooter and Michael took these cool pictures of us. This is David, Jay, and I. Below are pictures of Michael, David and Jay and another of David and Jay. Jay went by James then, but I can only think of him as Jay now. David, Jay, and Brian. =0=
Michael, David and Jay. =0= David and Jay. =0=
Emily visited that summer and we had abig family get together at my Uncle Al's house. Here is my cousin Mary, Liz (Robert's wife) and my cousin Robert. There is a thumb nail and full size of a not so good picture of them as well. Below is a picture of my mom, Bertha, and my Aunt Emily. Emily is my Dad's sister. Next is a picture of my cousin Cathy and David. In the background are Uncle Al and Mary. Mary, Liz and Robert. =0=
Bertha and Emily. =0= Cathy and David. =0=
Robert and Liz sat next to my mom as you can see here. Below is a picture of Chris being helped by his Mom, Mary. They were visiting from Hawaii. Next up is Mary with her other son, Matt. Robert, Liz, and Bertha. =0=
Chris and Mary. =0= Mary and Matt. =0=
This is a picture of Stephen and his dad Robert. Next is a picture of my Aunt Olga. Al is my Dad's brother and Olga is his wife. Below is a picture of David. Stephen and Robert. =0=
Olga. =0= David. =0=
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