Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1991 Jacki's in Albany, NY

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Jacki and ???. =0= Jacki's in Albany. =0=
Digital cameras are so great. You don't need to fill a roll of film to see the results and there is no cost for taking extra pictures. So you tend to take more pictures. This set of pictures was last to be scanned as I didn't remember as much as I would like. Anyway, Jacki Sorenson inspired aerobic dancing and started a company, Aerobic Dancing, to market it. However, toward the end of the 90's the company failed (too many expenses, not enough income) and after much trauma Jackl started a franchise company to continue the marketting. The instructors went from being employees to being independent businesses. One of the first things they did as a franchise was organize a training program for Personal Trainers. I was able to go to the one in Albany, NY. Above is Jacki on the left and another male instructor that I roomed with. Below is Mary who had been my district manager from Albany and Judy who had been a higher level manager. I have forgotten so many names, but will add / crrect them as I am able. Too bad I didn't record this when my memories were fresh. I have kept in touch with Mary and there are other pictures of her and her townhouse from later. Jacki's in Albany. =0=
Mary. =0= Judy. =0=
Neil. =0= Jacki. =0=
Above on the left is a picture of Neil, Jacki's husband and one a key manager for her businesses. Next to that is another picture of Jacki. Below are pictures of some of the attendees. On the far left is Judy, one of Jacki's senior people, and two over is Mary. Jacki's in Albany. =0=
Jacki's in Albany. =0= Jacki's in Albany. =0=
Jacki's in Albany. =0= Jacki's in Albany. =0=
Above and here are more pictures of the attendees. The event started with a formal dinner with this time to take pictures. On the far right above is, I believe, Val, one of Jacki's senior people. Below is a picture of the main speaker (whose name I have forgotten) and Neil. Jacki's in Albany. =0=
Jacki's in Albany. =0= Neil. =0=
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