Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1995 Jefferson Valley, NY

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In 1991 and 1992 my primary relaxation past time was playing a computer game called Arkaniod which was like a vastly improved game of pong. It had 33 levels and no ability to save. The first five levels were pretty easy, but after that there were some really hard levels. If you ever lost you had to start from the beginning (you could pause but not save). I twice got to level 33 which was the final level and completely different from the other levels. The first time I was so shocked I paused the game and took several pictures of the screen. The next time I calmly figured out what the rules were (what killed you and what the goal was) and beat it. Yippee. However, it was mostly just a relaxing way to pass a few minutes. Unfortunately it really doesn't run on current hardware.... In January of 1992, Jay had his seventh birthday with pictures shown below. In the picture below, the three boys in striped shirts are Jay, David, and Shiam. I don't remember the names of the other kids. Arkaniod Level 33. =0=
Jay, David, and Shiam. =0= David on balloon.. =0=
. =0= . =0=
Barbara arranged various party games and I took pictures of Jay, Shiam, and David (all still in striped shirts) above and in this picture. David at party. =0=
Jay at party. =0= Shiam at party. =0=
Above and here are pictures of Jay, Shiam, and David taking swings at the home made pinata. The pinata was surprisingly tough.. David at party. =0=
Jay's Birthday party. =0= Jay's Birthday party. =0=
Finally the pinata broke and the kids scrambled for the candy (above) and then it was upstairs to sort through the loot. Jay's Birthday party. =0=
Last up was opening of presents (shown below).. Jay's Birthday party. =0=
Jay's Birthday party. =0= Jay's Birthday party. =0=
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