Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1994 Florida Vacation

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Click on any of the little pictures to see it at normal size. Click on the '=0=' after the picture to see it in giant size (about 2 minutes to download on dialup connection and larger than screen size). This could be useful if you wanted to really look at one part of the picture or to make a print. < Lunar Lander. =0= Sapce Capsule. =0= During the kids winter vacation we flew down to Florida and met my mom for vacation. We visited Cape Canaveral. Above are pictures from the museum at the Kennedy Space Center. They are of a lunar lander and space capsule (for the pre-shuttle returns from space). We took a bus tour and this is a picture of Jay and I next to the bus. The pictures below are from the bus (as we didn't always get good views on foot) of the assembly building where Apollo and space shuttle rockers are assembled. Jay and Brian. =0= Assembly Building. =0= Assembly Building. =0= Cape Canaveral. =0= Cape Canaveral. =0= Above are pictures from the bus (hence the reflections) of crawling vehicle that they use to transport the assembled rockets (Appollo and space shuttle) to the launch pad. It doesn't move very fast (about walking speed) but certainly carries a heavy load. Here and below are pictures of two of the launch pads. Also below is a picture of Jay in an outside park / museum where they have Apollo rockets on display. Cape Canaveral Launch Pad. =0= Cape Canaveral Lsunch Pad. =0= Jay and Apollo Booster. =0= Apollo Booster. =0= Apollo Booster. =0= Above and here are more pictures of the Apollo rockets with all its stages together. It is hard to get perspective of how large they are. Apollo Booster. =0= Click here to see the next page in this series.

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