Stay in Portland

Stay in Portland

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On October 26, 2002, Connie and I met a Transit Center (park and ride kind of place) and headed out to Lake Trillium, just below Mt. Hood, for a hike with her dog, Buttons. It was a beautiful day and Connie wanted to get out with her dog one last time before the weather got dreary. Buttons and Connie.
Connie also took a picture of me in front of Mount Hood. Proof positive that I really was in Oregon (unless, of course, the picture has been altered which is ever so easy with digital pictures). Brian and Mount Hood.
Here is a picture of Mount Hood reflected in the lake. Mount Hood really does dominate the area and can be seen as the only major peak from most parts of Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA. Lake Trillium was created when they dammed one of the creeks flowing off of Mount Hood. Mt. Hood and Lake Trillium.
At a Mensa TGIF two and a half weeks before I was to leave Portland, I met Karyn. We stayed late (until 9PM) visiting along with another woman, Margaret. I didn't think to suggest we get together until later that weekend (as there seemed to be mutually interest). She had mentioned that she was into the web big time and I was able to find her site (which has lots of cool pictures and such, by the way), so I sent her an e-mail, but she was feeling undecisive and we weren't able to get together until the next weekend (and three cheers to her e-friend Brad who helped her decide to respond). Karyn.
The next weekend was Karyn's weekend with her son, Alex. He is four and really cute (as you can see). She brought him to the TGIF and we had great fun visiting again. Finally it was just the three of us and I saw them to their car. At Alex's suggestion (and three cheers to Alex), we kissed a last time and it was NICE kiss! After that we were each pretty much past being nervous and shy. I was able to visit with them most of Sunday, just hanging out. That was very pleasant, too. On Wednesday evening Alex went to a Haloween party with his dad (and stayed over with his dad) so I was able to see Karyn for the first time alone. We definitely decided that we liked each other a lot (and that is an understatement). Alex.
Well, my last weekend in Portland (November 1) was Alex's weekend with his dad, so I was able to see Karyn from Friday evening until he returned on Sunday evening. It was a wonderful weekend starting at the TGIF and including the Mensa 1st Saturday party, but mostly just lots of time with Karyn. We were each thinking that my timing was terrible in that I was due to leave that week. Just living together is not really an option due to Alex and it is getting too cold for me to delay my departure; there weren't any simple answers. With much regret we are planning on keeping in touch and seeing what the spring brings (but it seems a long time away). Anyway, this is Alex in his Spiderman costume for Haloween which he was wearing when Trish (his step mom) dropped him off. Alex.
The folks working for MegaPacific take their morning break and lunch at the same time, so I don't have much chance to take pictures of them working. This is John, Troy, and Vic. Vic is an ex-marine. Here they are on break hanging out around the back of Jerry's truck. Jerry is the site supervisor. John, Troy, and Vic.
This is Jerry of MegaPacific on his cell phone in the trailer. During my last week or so at Pacific Foods, there were lots of mornings when it was freezing out and so we all dressed pretty warmly. That is why Jerry still had his hood up as there were high winds (20 to 25 MPH) and still pretty chilly (about 50 degrees) in the afternoon. Jerry is a really nice guy and a good supervisor, doing what he can to help with morale, not asking his folks to do stuff he wouldn't do, etc.. Lately he has been working on more than one job and not able to do much actual work and so had put on a few pounds. As my jeans were getting really decrepit (patches on patches on patches) and we were about the same size, he gave me his old (too small for him) jeans and a couple of sweat shirts. Cool! Jerry of MegaPacific.
Here are John (in background), Brad, and John (the one with the long hair in cases of ambiguity) just before heading home. During the last fifteen minutes of each day, there was 'roll up' where we take the miscellaneous tools back to the trailer and such. John (with long hair) was not eager to have his picture taken and managed to cover much of his face. Oh well, perhaps he is in the witness protection program and it is good that I didn't get his face (or perhaps not).... Everyone at the site was really nice and it was sad to leave. John (background), Brad, and John.
Wednesday morning I went by Instant Labor to get my final paycheck. Here is Ron at the reception desk. Ron is really nice, but this is pretty terrible picture of him. I would have tried again, but the battery in my camera was really low and I didn't think I could get another shot out of it. Anyway, Instant Labor is pretty cool as they have a carpeted waiting area and a regular reception area, not the barrier style partition which is so common. That might be because this is their corporate office and it is dual purpose. Also, they seem to put people on a five day work week when they are working for miscellaneous clients. That way they can work weekends without getting overtime. Now you may think they are cheating their employees that way (no overtime for six day work weeks), but the usual solution to the problem is to not let them work at all beyond forty hours as the agency has to eat the overtime if it is with multiple clients. So, being able to work beyond forty hours without overtime is better than not being able to work over forty hours at all. Ron of Instant Labor.
On Wednesday evening Karyn and I went to a Portland landmark, Powell's Bookstore, which is a really huge bookstore. Actually they have three stores and we went to the Technical boostore. There, Howard Rheingold gave a talk, somewhat to promote his latest book, 'Smart Mobs'. He is an interesting guy and wears painted shoes and painted shirt (each of which he painted himself). He talked about the potential impact of really cheap wireless phones/internet terminals with world wide penetration (even third world populations may be able to afford really cheap cell phones). Howard Rheingold.
Karyn had 'met' Howard through an on-line community, brainstorms, so wanted to meet him in person. I had read of his book in techie stuff. Anyway, after the talk, Howard and people who knew Howard (through brainstorms, Reid College, etc.) went to dinner at a Greek restaurant. Afterward, I stayed over at Karyn's and then was off to San Francisco in the morning. It was a little sad leaving, but it looks like I will visit Karyn again for the holidays. Howard Rheingold.
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