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On May 24th I spent most of the day helping to paint the interior of the new Syda Yoga center in Portland. Here it is before we started. We painted the left wall, center section, light purple and rest eggshell (mostly white). Portland Syda Center.
Here is the other half of the center before we painted. I didn't remember to get an after picture, but it looked much better after we were done. They have completed the electrical work and now the painting. Next up is putting down the carpet (in the room above). Portland Syda Center.
While I have been sharing the apartment with Shawn and Danielle, there isn't enough parking up close to the apartment so I have had to park down the hill along the driveway at the entrance to the complex. The problem is that over night the cars there are quite exposed and often get broken into. The first time they broke into my car, they fouled up the driver's side key AND broke the window. I was able to get used window and replace it for $35, but it was a real pain. Apartment parking lot.
After that I started leaving my car unlocked (so they wouldn't break the window or foul up the one working lock) and just not leaving anything of value in the car overnight. That was OK for a while, but early in June it was broke into for the fourth time and this time they tried to steal the car. They weren't successful, but they broke the plastic cover for the steering wheel and jammed a key into the ignition switch (where it broke off). It took me several hours to get out the lock cylinder to take out the jammed key. I had to remove the pins from the lock cylinder to get the jammed key, so now any key will turn the ignition. Then I put it back together. Exposed lock cylinder.
Now when I leave my car, I still leave it unlocked, but I take the steering wheel with me. What a pain. They had left their tools in my car, so I called the police and they checked for fingerprints, but weren't able to find a complete print. Sigh! So far, it seems that my car has only been 'entered' (no broken part) once and I am hoping that nothing will happen until August 16 when we have the wedding and I move out of here. Here is my car without the steering wheel. No steering wheel.
Speaking of the wedding, here is Karyn's engagement ring. Isn't it impressive. She found the diamond and got it almost directly from the world diamond exchange in Antwerp. Then she took a custom ring and worked with the jeweler to design a setting that really highlights the diamond. It is even more gorgeous than this picture shows. Karyn's engagement ring.
Here is a picture of the main loading docks for Active Moving and Storage. The building has 'pull up' walls which are like those I worked on in Tualitin, OR for MegaPacific. From the signs it looks like the building was built for another company and taken over by Active Moving. Active Moving is now a part of Crown Moving of Seattle, WA and also an agent for United Van Lines. Active loading docks.
Here is the side of the building with the office entrance. There are also a couple of loading docks for little trucks like the pack van and Penske (a rental that we have been using for most of the summer). Beyond the loading docks and office area is the back end of the warehouse. Active has a surpisingly large warehouse area for the size of company that they are (but they are growing). Active office entrance.
Just to the right of the main loading dock is a storage area where the trash and recycling dumpsters are kept along with extra pallets, etc.. Dumpster area.
This is the main corridor down the center of the warehouse just beyond the loading docks. The warehouse shelves are for storing 'OS' or overstuffed furniture (like chairs and sofas) which wouldn't do well in the wooden 'vaults' where other things are stored. Along the side of the aisle are shipments which are waiting to be processed. Either picked up (for a long haul shipment), put into a vault (for storage) or packed up for international shipment (in a 'can' or containerized cargo if oversea or an LDN (large cardboard box on a pallet) if by air). You can see an open storage vault on the far left and a completed LDN on the far right. Warehouse center aisle.
Here is a picture of Bruce, the warehouse guy, stacking 'machine carts' using the forklift. Machine carts are used in office moves to move boxes, computer parts, etc.. They are stacked double to save floor space when they aren't being used. Bruce and forklift.
Just inside the warehouse beyond the small truck loading docks are the warehouse shelves where the packing supplies are stored. If a driver is going out on a jog that requires some packing, the empty boxes and paper will be pulled from here and loaded on the truck. The driver's area and dispatch office are just beyond the packing supplies. The office area seems to have a second and third floor which don't seem to be used. Packing supplies.
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