Settle in Portland Area

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Here is Alex on another ride, a miniature Harley Davidson. Alex.
Alex also enjoyed their giant slide, Big Pink. Here is Alex going down the slide with Karyn. Karyn and Alex.
They also had a really old carousel, built in 1912. It is the oldest carousel still functioning in the U.S.. Carousel.
They had a plaque which noted what company built the carousel and when, so I took a picture (which you can't read anyway). Carousel.
Alex enjoyed the carousel and rode it twice. Do you notice that he was getting a little warm. The high that day was 86, but in the sun you could get pretty warm. Alex.
Here are Karyn and Alex in outer space with a zombie cat as their pet.... No wait, that is just a background of outer space with Karyn and Alex faces peering through the holes. .
Here are David and Virginia just after they arrived in Portland. They were very happy together. David and Virginia.
Here are Jay and my mom, Bertie at the restaurant where we had dinner, Sharis (Aug 15). Jay and Bertie.
Here are karyn and Alex at the restaurant. Do you notice what a ham Karyn is, always trying to steal center stage of any picture. Karyn and Alex.
Here is a picture which I took of myself. I couldn't compose the picture as well because I didn't bring a mirror and my camera's viewer is on the back. What to do? Brian.
Alex now often goes to the bathroom by himself at restaurants. He really likes the independence of it. Here he is returning from the bathroom. Alex returning.
Here is another picture of Karyn at the motel room (Jay and Mike's) the day after the wedding. See how she is always hamming it up. Karyn.
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