Stay in Seattle

Stay in Seattle

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Before I left Missouri, I had looked up the movers around the Lynnwood area (using One was just a block from Bally's, Duncan and Sons. However, that turned out to be a very small operation with just one suite in this very low end strip mall. I did stay my first night in Seattle in their parking lot as it wasn't too well lit and there were several cars in the lot overnight. I did stop by the suite here (as it was so close) and it was open but no one was there. Odd. That happened at an auto glass place as well. The other thing I noticed at this suite was that a person seemed to be living there (explaining the cars overnight). Duncan and Son Movers.
Here is the Lynnwood Medical Center. I have lately been staying the night here as the corners of the parking lot are pretty dark and out of the way. I had forgotten that with my plan of heading South for the winter and North for the summer (so that sleeping in my car is more pleasant), the night is really short in the summer in the North. It doesn't get dark until 9PM and sun comes up about 5AM. Lynnwood Medical Center.
I also expect it to get worse until about June 20. My solution is to sleep after dawn, but that means I really don't want to be in front of somebody's house. So I park in this corner of the Medical Center's lot. This is a day picture, but outside of business hours, there are no cars in the lot. My car is on the right hidden behind the mini-van. Medical Center Parking Lot.
A couple of blocks away is a mini-park where I go when I get up (about 6AM) to meditate and eat my breakfast. The park is closed from dusk to dawn, so I wouldn't want to sleep there (it would be an illegal place to park), but it causes less questions/concerns after dawn, before dusk. Lynnwood Mini Park.
Here is the main entrance to Bekins Northwest or Atlas Van Lines. Of the four 'movers' in the area, they were the only one that was of reasonable size (i.e. had several trucks of various sizes and needed to hire several drivers for the summer). Below is the U.S. HealthWorks Medical Clinic where the Atlas Van Lines folks sent for my D.O.T. required drug test. They have a regular clinic on the left side, but a special occupational testing section on the right side. They were quite thorough in administering the test. The fee was at my expense ($25), which was no big deal for me. However, it takes from 24 to 48 hours (taken on Thursday May 9) so was due back on the 13th. Bekins NW, front office.
However, on the 13th they said it can take up to 72 hours. Oh well, more time to get settled in. On the 15th the results still weren't back, but I filled out the rest of the employment paperwork (mostly just a W-4) and found out I needed to have a Washington driver's license to drive. I went by the 'DMV' (called Department of Licenses or DOL) and found out I needed a D.O.T. physical before I could transfer my Texas license. I got the physical the same day at the same U.S. HealthWorks clinic where they took my urine for the drug test. Lynnwood, WA Medical Center.
Here is the view of the Atlas storage building and trucks. I didn't actually start working there until the 22nd (Yikes!) due to delays in getting the results of the drug test back. It seems that there was some misunderstanding about who would call who. Hope they have it all straightened out now. Anyway, I got a week and a half of unscheduled vacation. It is nice to be back to working again. Atlas Van Lines storage area.
Just one block from the Edmonds Community College is this Labor Ready office. However, it looks like that is the old location as when I stopped I saw that the interior was being redone. There was a small sign across the parking lot and that turned out to the be new location (below). On the 16th, 17th, 18th, and 20th, I went by there at 5:30AM (6AM on Saturday) when they opened (was the dozenth, fourth, third, and first person). I didn't go out any time and it looks like they don't follow the order of sign in hardly at all. However, I had been told that on Tuesday, the 14th, they got everyone out and had to turn down two jobs. I suspect that is why most day laborer places try follow sign in order more or less as it encourages everyone to come in. Lynnwood, WA Labor Ready.
If they follow the 'best fit for dispatch' policy (which is always the stated policy) literally and you are not one of the usual/preferred people, why come in at all as you won't ever go out (unless there is that once a week time when they have no one else to send out). Lately I have been staying in Labor Ready's parking lot over night (it is poorly lit and pretty out of the way) often next to a small pickup truck with a camper on it that, it turns out, two women are using as their home. Cool! They sometimes work through Labor Ready as well. The minimum wage is $6.90 in Washington and 95% of the people at the office are white. There are also lots of people there most of the time. From the conversations I have overheard, it appears that public assistance (welfare) in Washington requires some people to at least sign up at Labor Ready (or other day laborer places, I presume) for continued benefits. If that is the case, no wonder they don't pay much attention to the sign in list when making assignments. Lynnwood, WA Labor Ready.
Here is the front entrance to the local Syda Yoga center. It is only about four miles from Lynnwood, WA where I usually hang out. I went on Friday, May 10 to their regular Satsang, but it was instead a clean up evening for a special program they were having that weekend (satellite broadcast intensive). There were about a dozen people there and I was happy to help out. The next Friday they had a special celebration and there were about a hundred people. I really enjoyed the chant; it was a very special Satsang. On Sunday, May 19, I went to their Gurugita chant from 8AM to 9:30AM. There were about forty people there, which seemed a pretty big turn out to me. They shortened a couple of the chants (music from CD and started mid-chant, I guess) and so had 15 minutes at the end which were meditation. Very nice. Seattle Syda Yoga Center.
Here is the back entrance to the center. Most people park in this lot and walk around front. I had an interesting insights into the frustrations of the past week. I put that in a separate page as it is sort of long and doesn't have pictures. I am afraid I won't be able to chant with them many Sunday mornings as I expect to be working most weekends and taking off during the week. They also have an audio broadcast Satsang with one of the swamis in S. Fallsburg, NY on most Tuesday evenings. I went to my first on May 21 and I enjoyed it very much (as expected). The swami is staying at the Oakland ashram (though I had met him in NY) and it is 'broadcast' to about 30 centers, almost all along the West coast. Seattle Syda Yoga Center.
As I am concerned that it will not be dark for nearly eight hours later in the summer, I had an idea. I went by the local Goodwill store and got a solid colored towel (light color) and will put velcro on it so that it will cover the window next to where I sleep. I have some velcro that I salvaged ages ago and brought with me for reasons I couldn't figure out at the time (might come in useful). The exercise mat I brought with me covers the rear window perfectly (it turns out), so maybe I could work nights and sleep days with all my windows covered (parking in a regular park as they are open days, closed at night). Lynnwood Goodwill Store.
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