Stay in Seattle

Stay in Seattle

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Since July 3, I have been working out at Trident Seafoods shipyard on the Pacific Viking. It is an older boat and needed lots of work when it came in . The hours are quite regular, 7AM to 3:30PM with breaks at 9:45AM and 1:30PM and lunch (unpaid of course) from 11:15AM to 11:45AM. After the wild varability of being a mover, the regular hours are nice. I had been out there previously in early June with a few pictures in seattle4.htm. Pacific Viking.
Each morning I give my slip from LaborWorks to Mike and then at the end of the day, he fills it out (shown here) so I can get paid. I generally don't take my slip by LaborWorks until the next morning to get my check, a new slip, and use the bathroom. Most people make two trips, one to get paid and one to get a new work slip, but I only send my checks in to my bank about once every two weeks, so the extra trip seems a waste (and I need to use the bathroom early anyway). When I check in I also pick up any tools I expect to need like a pnuematic needlegun or whatever. Mike is a retired Army Signal Corps Colonel so it has been interesting visiting with him. He must have been an excellent officer as he got his commission via O.C.S. and made colonel (early even). From what he says he certainly sounds like a great officer. Mike of Tool Room.
The rest rooms at the shipyard have a shower, so after the first week I have gotten into the drill of showering there before I leave. At 3: 20PM there is a bell (actually more like a horn) to start clean up and I usually start my shower shortly after the bell. Only a few blocks from Trident Seafoods shipyard is a new Fred Meyer store (shown here). They are a combination discount department store and super food store and so a little like Walmart Supercenters, but their prices aren't quite as good. However, since there aren't any Walmart Supercenters in the state, they work out OK. Ballard Fred Meyer.
I also use the freezer in the 'employee lounge' so I don't need to shop every day which is nice as Fred Meyer only opens at 7AM and I have to be at work at 7AM. Here is a section of deck (between the holds for the fish they catch) where the deck was cut out and removed by welders, we got off all the old rust and paint, welders put in new supports for the deck, and now we are just starting to paint the underside area black. Pacific Viking Deck.
Here is the next section of deck we are working on, just back from the one above. When we are finished here, I presume the welders will weld a new 1/4 inch steel plate back on top and these sections won't be accessable again for a few years. The section shown in the picture above is a little more complex in that they going to be adding a hatch so that 'other' fish (not the ones they will get paid for) can be tossed through the hole and then washed back out to sea (so they won't take up limited cargo space). Pacific Viking Deck.
Here is the third section of deck that was cut out by the welders, it is the furthest back. Here, we have cleaned out the old paint and rust, but the welders have not yet started putting in the new supports and such (the old ones were cut off very close to the plate which is the top of the cargo hold, I presume). Pacific Viking Deck.
Here is the first section of deck after they have replaced the 1/4 inch steel deck and added the two hatches to the chutes for undesired fish. I am impressed that the welders can cut most anything away and build up almost like new (or better in many cases). Pacific Viking Deck.
Here are two of the welders, Ludy from the Phillipines, and Mike from New Orleans. Mike is a single dad and really nice. He has been a good friend to me since I started working there. He takes his responsibilities seriously (as a single dad amongst other things), but also doesn't complain/blame others about it. I respect him for that. Ludy and Mike (Welders).
Here is a short video of the Mike welding a steel plate. It is about five seconds long (120K and about forty seconds to download). The weather has been really great with highs usually about 75 degrees and lows about 50. The is especially nice for the welders as they need to be fully covered while they work as there are often sparks and such flying while they work (especially when they need to cut old steel). Highs of 90 degrees and above are quite rare. Mike welding.
In the very forward section of the deck, just below the reel for the net, the deck was boards which have been taken up. They took out the old 'angle iron' supports which were almost rusted through and have put in new supports which use 4 by 4 lumber to support the deck boards. The engine room is just under this section of deck so there were some complaints when we used sledge hammers to knock loose the really think paint and rust; it apparently knocked paint off the other side and fell on/into the engine which was disassembled for some serious maintenance (looks like they are getting new pistons and cylinder heads from the stuff coming in and out of there). Pacific Viking Deck.
Out by the parking lot, they have a storage area. Here are pile of what look like seven foot by seven foot crab pots. From talking with the crew I have heard that they don't always fish with nets. Sometimes they even catch fish in such pots. Of course the crew is not happy when those large pots have only two or three fish or crabs when they are retrieved as that is a lot of work for very little result. Crab pots.
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