Stay in San Francisco Bay Area

Stay in San Francisco Bay Area

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Sunday morning I headed back up to the Oakland/Berkley area (had passed it on my way to Hayward) and went to the Gurugita chant and the Oakland Syda Yoga ashram. It was the first ashram for Syda Yoga in U.S. and is a converted hotel. They had a pret ty big hall for the Gurugita chant and I would guess there were about 100 people there for it. It was very nice to chant with them. Oakland, CA Syda Yoga Ashram.
I spent the rest of the morning talking to my kids on the phone and then went to the Berkley Library (shown here) to catch up on my web access (almost four days without web access). They opened at 1PM on Sunday. Then at 4PM I headed back South havin g gotten a basic fix of web access. Berley Univeristy Library.
Susan, my old friend from Mensa in New York had moved out to Palo Alto, CA to be with her boyfriend, Mike, after an eight year long distance romance. They invited me to dinner and here is a Susan preparing the stuffing for the roasted chicken (though it really wasn't stuffing as she didn't bother to stuff it, just prepared it on the stove top, which was fine with all of us). Susan.
Mike prepared the veggies (cabbage and apple slices which tasted good, so was probably more of a fruit than a vegetable) and salad. Here is a picture of Mike. Mike.
Monday was a holiday, Veteran's Day, for Susan, but not for Mike. As holidays are often bad days for day laborers (we don't get paid unless we work and often people don't get out on holidays), I accepted their kind offer to stay the night and spent t he day hanging out and catching up with Susan. Here is a picture of Mike's house. Mike's house in Palo Alto, CA.
We went to Frye's Electronics in the morning just to visit. Frye's started in the Bay Area as a food store and then branched into electronics with the same low margin high volume strategy that is common in the grocery business. After Frye's, we went to visit Stanford University which is just a few blocks from Mike's house. We parked close to the museum (shown here) and then walked to nearby places. Stanford University Museum.
Here is a picture of Susan contemplating Rodin's Gates of Hell in the Rodin sculpture garden at Stanford University. Parking was pretty scarce as it wasn't a holiday at Stanford University. Susan and Rodin's Gates of Hell.
Then Susan took a picture of me as I tried to get into the mind set of the Gates of Hell. Do I look suitably tormented? Apparently Rodin never finished the planned sculpture (supposed to be 55 feet tall). This is a copy of the model as he left it w hen he died. Did you know that 'the Thinker' is from the upper section of the Gates of Hell? That was a surprise to me. Brian and Rodin's Gates of Hell.
Stanford University seems to be following a sort of Moroccan style. There were also some impressive tile work. Here are some of the tiles on the walls of the museum (main entrance shown above). The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuedays and our ho liday/play hookey day was Monday so we didn't get to visit it. Stanford University Museum.
Here is a view which includes the well known Stanfard Bell Tower. Here the Morocan style is pretty clear. Stanford University Bell Tower.
Monday evening I stayed the night in front of American Labor Pool, a day laborer place in Hayward, CA. Here is a picture of their office. They have the more common plexiglass window separating the day laborers from the regular employee. However, th ey do allow the day laborers to use the restroom, so it is not that bad. However, I didn't get out Tuesday (or Wednesday) morning, so I had time for errands and such. American Labor Pool, Hayward, CA.
Here is the library in Hayward, CA. I was able to pick up a big packet of mail at the Post Office and then with that I was able to get a library card. Yippee! I will soon be back to reading Anne Rice again. They use sign up sheets for the their in ternet computers (one hour limit signed up in half an hour blocks on sign up sheets) and there is often a delay in getting a computer. Hayward, CA Public Library.
With the high demand for internet access at the public libraries, I headed out CSU (California State University) in Hayward, CA. Here is a picture of their library where I often go for internet access on days when I don't get work. On Tuesday and We dnesday (and then Friday) I got most all caught up with my web pages. Hayward, CA CSU Library.
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