Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1992 Trip to Virginia

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Gigi. =0= Pam. =0=
In November of 1992, Susan and I made a trip to Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with her family. Above are pictures of Susan's sisters, Gigi and Pam. This is Gigi's daughter Sarah and below are pictures of Sarah and Katie, Pam's daughter. Sarah. =0=
Sarah and Katie. =0= Katie and Sarah. =0=
Susan. =0= John. =0=
Above are pictures of Susan and John. John is Pam's husband and they were our hosts in Virginia. Here are Sarah, Katie, and Philip (Susan on the right). Philip is one of Gigi and Ron's son. Ron is a vet (?) and couldn't make it to this get together but stayed in South Carolina where they live. Below is another picture of Susan and the kids. Sarah, Katie, and Philip. =0=
Susan. =0= Sarah, Katie, and Philip. =0=
Phillip. =0= Susan. =0=
Above are pictures of Philip and Susan. Here is a picture of John and below is a picture of Susan's mom, Sally and another of Gigi. Sally was visiting from Tennesse where Susan and her family grew up. John. =0=
Sally. =0= Gigi. =0=
Gigi. =0= Paul. =0=
Above is another picture of Gigi and her youngest son, Paul. Here is a picture of John holding Paul. Below are pictures of Pam and Sally. John and Paul. =0=
Pam. =0= Sally. =0=
Sally. =0= Gigi. =0=
Above are pictures of Sally and Gigi. Here is a picture of John carving the turkey. Also in this picture is Susan's mom, Sally. Below is a picture of the Thanksgiving dinner with John, Sally and Pam. It was a wonderful feast. Next to that is a picture of Sarah, Paul, and Katie. Paul is the youngest of Gigi and Ron's kids. John and Sally. =0=
John, Sally and Pam. =0= Sarah, Paul, and Katie. =0=
Sarah and Katie. =0= Phillip. =0=
Above are pictures of Sarah and Katie and then Phillip (Gigi and Ron's other son) enjoying an ice crean sandwich. Yummee. After Thanksgiving we made a trip to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia. Here is a picute of Phillip and Paul at Busch Gardens. There was also a Thanksgiving theme play which included the kids which is shown below with Katie and Sarah. I forget the circumstances of the play. Phillip and Paul. =0=
Katie and Sarah. =0= Sarah. =0=
Here are Suan and Pam enjoying the play.. Susan and Pam. =0=
Amy. =0= Jack. =0=
On our way back from Virginia, Susan and I visited my cousin Amy and her husband Jack in their home in Baltimore, also shown here and below. Amy was a historian specializing in early Spanish American history (from 1500 to about 1700 I believe). I always enjoyed listening to her describe her work as she has the capacity to make the period come alive. Jack is also a historian, but focuses on more recent American history and is quite well known (though as a techie I would hardly know such things). . Amy and Jack. =0=
Amy and Jack. =0= Amy and Jack. =0=
Jack. =0= Amy. =0=
It was great visiting with Jack and Amy (above). Here is a pciture of Susan. Susan. =0=
David and Jay. =0= David and Jay. =0=
David and Jay enjoyed playing on the Sega as shown above, here and below. Jay. =0=
David and Jay. =0= David. =0=
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