Brian Carr's Photo Spring 1994, sunrise in NYC

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Sunrise in NYC. =0= Sunrise in NYC. =0=
In the early 1990's I often commuted to NYC as a computer consultant. One contract was with IBM as a sub-contractor with the Transit Authority for a money counting application. I can in early one morning in the spring and took these pictures around the neighborhood. There are some very pretty buildings and views in NYC, especially in the early morning. Sunrise in NYC. =0=
Sunrise in NYC. =0= Sunrise in NYC. =0=
Sunrise in NYC. =0= Sunrise in NYC. =0=
The office building where we worked was leased to the Transit Authority and on the east side of Manhattan up towards mid town. So there are several nice views of the East River. Across the river is the mainland (New York rather than New Jersey which is across the main part of the Hudson river), as well as Long Island (shown here) which in this case is the Bronx. The Bronx had one skyscraper which is shown here. If I remember correctly, below on the right is a view of the United Nations. Sunrise in NYC. =0=
Sunrise in NYC. =0= United Nations, NYC. =0=
East Side NYC. =0= East Side NYC. =0=
The Hudson is a deep river and hills on each side (dug out by glaciers in the last ice age, a mere 10,000 years ago) and so winds blow up the gorge pretty strongly and can get channeled even further by the tall buildings of Manhattan. Below are a couple of views of the East River, but the lighting caused some extreme contrasts. So much so that my scanner broke those two pictures at the wrong spot. Go figure. East Side NYC. =0=
East River, NYC. =0= East River, NYC. =0=
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