Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1995 Jefferson Valley, NY

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NYNEX S&T. =0= NYNEX S&T. =0=
Toward the end of the summer of 1995 I got a contract with NYNEX Science and Technology working in the building above on the left. It had been a headquarters for some other corporation (the rumors were a nail for golf tee company, but I really don't believe either). NYNEX was the local phone company and had built a big lab lower on the hill where most people worked (also above). The S&T lab was most successful within NYNEX (whose business strategy was remaining competitive through technology that they developed). They had expanded into the building up the hill. There wasn't that much space in that building as the center was a court yard (which made it a really nice place to work). Here is the cubicle where I worked. After a year or so as a contractor I switched to being an employee as there were lots of good people and good work. However, then NYNEX was merged into Bell Atlantic and then merged with GTE to become Verizon. With each merger the focus shifted away from building technology to instead buying technology and the S&T lab was under increasing pressure. We moved out of the space up the hill and that is where I was when I left Verizon and the NY area. Below are a couple of pictures of Annie from Syda yoga. There are other pictures of Annie from my visit to Houston, TX and a description of how me met in my chanting story and a section about my seva with her. NYNEX S&T. =0=
Annie. =0= Annie. =0=
Jay. =0= Jay. =0=
Above and here are some pictures of Jay opening presents at my house and his mom's. Jay. =0=
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