Brian Carr's Photo Album, 1996 Trip to Florida

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Brian. =0= Esther, Brian, Debra, and Arnold. =0=
I also visited Florida and Arnold and Esther and their daughter, Debra (shown above). On that visit, Debra was helping with the Health Fair at the hospital where she worked and I was able to help out. Putting casts on peoples fingers. It was fun and helped with the fair atmosphere. There are other pictures of them from 2001 along with Debra's wedding and much older pictures 1973. Below is a picture Arnold took of me at breakfast and a picture of Esther, me, Debra, and Arnold at the Health Fair. Here and below on the left are pictures that Arnold took of me. It was nice having another picture buff around. Brian. =0=
Brian. =0= Brian. =0=
Arnold. =0= Debra. =0=
Above is a picture of Arnold at the fair with a great expression. Next to that is a picture of Debra. I didn't get the exposure right, but I liked the expression. Here is picture of Esther at the fair. Below are picures of Arnold and Esther at the pool for their complex. They enjoyed it pretty regularly. Esther. =0=
Arnold and Esther. =0= Esther. =0=
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