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The following songs are my 'Song of the Year'. It is an award sort of like the Nobel Prize for Music, except that it is less famous and doesn't come with any money (which, perhaps, makes it not at all like the Nobel Prizes). Links to the full lyrics are provided if you are interested. Also, much to my amazement, two of these songs are not currently available for purchase and I have them on tape only. If you know where they can be purchased, please let me know. Until then, I have added a link to the MP3 file so that you listen to them and help me find where to buy a higher quality copy....
1996 As I Lay Me Down To Sleep, Sophie B. Hawkins
1997 Double Good Feeling, The Magicians
1998 Mouth, Merril Bainbridge
1999 Cherish, Madonna
2000 True Blue, Madonna
2001 Never Ever, All Saints

My head was spinning; Boy I was in a daze
Felt isolated; Didn't want to communicate
Never ever, had I ever felt so low
Until you took me out of that black hole
You got my conscience asking questions that I can't find
I'll keep searching, deep within my soul
For the answers to my questions I have to find

2002 Truly Madly Deeply, Savage Garden

I made a wish and sent it to heaven
All that I need will surely come
You are my dream, you are my wish
You are my fantasy
You are my hope, you are my love
You are everything that I need
and I'll love you more with every breath
Truly, madly, deeply do

2003 Eternal Flame, Bangles

Say my name sun shines through the rain
A whole life so lonely
And then you come and ease the pain
I don't want to lose this feeling
While we may only be dreaming
Surely this burning is an eternal flame
2004 Chain Reaction, Diana Ross
You took a mystery and made me want it
You got a pedestal and put me on it
You made me love you out of feeling nothing
Something that you do

I'm in the middle of a chain reaction
I'm on a journey for the inspiration
To anywhere and there ain't no salvation
I need you to get me nearer to you
So you can set me free

2005 New Attitude, Patti LaBelle

It took it so high, so low
So low, there was nowhere to go
Somehow the wires uncrossed, the tables were turned
Never knew I had such a lesson to learn
I'm feelin' good from my head to my shoes
Know where I'm goin' and I know what to do
I tidied up my point of view
I got a new attitude

2006 The Rose, Bette Midler

Some say love, it is a river that drowned the tender reed.
Some say love, it is a razor that leaves your soul to bleed.
Some say love, it is a hunger, an endless aching need.
I say love, it is a flower, and you it's only seed.

Just remember in the winter far beneath the bitter snows,
Lies the seed, that with the sun's love, in the spring becomes The Rose.

2007 Sweet Dreams (are made of this), Annie Lennox

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
You've traveled the world
And the seven seas
Always giving everybody what they need. ...
Sweet dreams are made of this

2008 (Your Love Keeps Liftin Me) Higher and Higher, Rita Coolidge

I was sitting back and watching my life go by
Until you came along and picked me up
Oh and now I'm starting out a brand new life
And everything I say and do is all because of you

2009 This Will Be, Natalie Cole

This will be an everlasting love
You've filled me with happiness I never knew
You gave me more joy than I ever dreamed of
And no one, no one can take the place of you, ooh
This will be, you and me, yes-sir-ee, eternally

2010 Smile, Uncle Kracker

You're better than the best, I'm lucky just to linger in your light
You make me dance like a fool, Shine like gold, buzz like a bee
I see the best of me inside your eyes, You make me smile
Ohh, you make me smile
2011 Breath, Faith Hill

I've never been this swept away
The whole world just fades away
The only thing I hear Is the beating of your heart
2012 With Every Beat of My Heart, Taylor Dane

Before I know it I feel the fire
And its burning deep inside
I find the answer in your eyes
With every beat of my heart
2013 Beautiful Life, Kathy Fisher

Dearest One, Big world is out there
waiting for us to live in every day
Outside we will find there is love all around us
Takes us, makes us wanna' say
That it's a beautiful life, and it's a beautiful world
and it's a beautiful time, to be here, to be here, ...
2014 Oh How Happy (you have made me), Shades of Blue

You brought joy to my delight
And all that was wrong
You have made it right
Oh, how happy you have made me
2015 Catch My Breath, Kelly Clarkson

Heavy heart, now a weightless cloud
Making time for the ones that count
I'll spend the rest of my life
Laughing hard with the windows down
Leaving footprints all over town
Catch My Breath
2016 Unwritten, Natasha Bedingfield

Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten
2017 Fly Me Away, Annie Little

Can hardly think what life was like
Before I had you by my side
In my mind, I've been set free
We'll take this journey, you and me
Will you fly me away?

Nominations for 2018 are open. The criteria are an engaging tune and lyrics that either express love, humility and appreciation or can be made so with only minor revisions (lyrics still recognizable).

Possible candidates for 2016 include:

Love In The First Degree, Bananarama
Like A Prayer, Madonna
Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson
Pure Shores, All Saints
All My Life, Linda Ronstadt
Somewhere Out There, Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram
The Sweet Escape, Gwen Stefani

If we could escape and create a place that's our own world
and we could be completely together (forever), Perfectly together
Tell me now wouldn't that be sweet? (sweet escape)
We've imagined some pretty bad times, but no one really got hurt
We need to get away, Let's plan our sweet escape.
Forever, we can make it better, Tell me, now wouldn't that be sweet?

Honorable Mentions go to the following songs which were considered for a nomination, but are not likely to be chosen in the near future.....

Total Concentration, Patti Labelle
Ever the Same, Rob Thomas
Day By Day, Godspell
Frozen, Madonna
Thank You, Dido
I Love You Always Forever, Donna Lewis
Point of No Return, Expose
The Way That You Love Me, Paula Abdul
From This Moment On, Shania Twayne
Keep Holding On, Avril Lavigne
Upside Down, Diana Ross
Walk Along With Me, Expose
Who Knew, Pink
Dedicated to the One I Love, The Mamas and Papas
The way that you love me, Faith Hill
All 4 Love, Color Me Badd

There are some non copyrighted songs (as far as I can tell). It includes four soungs from Sparky's Magic Baton. These are from two 78 RPM records for children from the 50's. They were played on the a 33/45 RPM turn table at 45 RPM with the output fed into my sound card. The sound card sampled at a slower rate than usual but the sample rate recorded in the wave file was faster (normal speed). It sounded terrible when being recorded, but the conversion worked fine. However, my brother and I listened to the records a lot when we were kids and it is pretty scratched. If you know of a current source for a better copy, let me know. These records came with a picture book and the songs refer to the book. I made pictures of the pages of the book.

Total Concentration by Patti Labelle seems to be from 1988. I got it on an Aerobic Dance session tape (Jackie Sorenson, Fall 1989, Free To Be). It never seems to have caught on and so is not available for purchase (as far as I know). It was in the origfinal motion picture soundtrack "Sing" 1988, Tri Star Pictures, on Columbia Records. If you know where it can be purchased, (especially on CD, my copy was from cassette tape) please let me know. Thanks.

Songs that I am looking for right now include:

America * I Need You
Blondie * Heart of Glass
Charli XCX * Boom Clap
Duran Duran * Rio
Ed Sheeran *+  ????
Echosmith *+ Cool Kids
Hozier ** Take Me To Church
Jewel - Count On Me
Jess Glynne and Clean Bandits ** Rather Be
John Mayer - Dreaming with a Broken Heart
Pomplamoose - Jingle Bells
Prince - U Got the Look
Rose Falcon - Up Up Up
* Sinead O'Connor - Nothing Compares 2 U
Smash Mouth - All Star (From Shrek)
The Trammps - Disco Inferno
White Bird - It's A Beautiful Day
Yvonne Ellman * If I Can't Have You

Postmodern Jukebox - Sweet Child O'mine 
Postmodern Jukebox - All about that bass
professor cunningham and his old school - When my Dreamboat comes home 

Berlinda Carlisle *+ Mad About You BCarr9
Colbie Caillat *- Try
CCFALL4U.MP3 Colbie Caillat ** Falling For You

ADRMHSIT.MP3 Adele ** Rumor Has It
AdSm1LkU.MP3 Adele ** Someone Like You
ESNxt2me.mp3 Emeli Sande ** Next To Me
GDNTOVRU.MP3 Gavin Degraw *+ Not Over You
KCWtDsKU.MP3 Kelly Clarkson ** What doesn't kill you (Stronger)
KP1TGtAw.MP3 Katy Perry ** The One That Got Away
KPClfGrl.MP3 Katy Perry ** California Girls
KPPRTFME.MP3 Katy Perry * Part of Me
PNKPRFCT.MP3 Pink ** Fuckin' Perfect
PWhappy.mp3  Pharrell Williams ** Happy
SBbrave.mp3  Sara Bareilles ** Brave
SBLUVSNG.MP3 Sara Bareilles *- Love Song 
TSMEAN.MP3 Taylor Swift *+ Mean

ASMUNGLW.mp3 Artie Shaw * Moonglow
KCCTMYBR.MP3 Kelly Clarkson ** Catch My Breath
KPRYROAR.MP3 Katy Perry *+ Roar (Eye of the Tiger)
RPSHUFLY.MP3 Racheal Price * Shoefly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy
BMCNTONM.MP3 Bruno Mars *+ (You can) Count On Me (like 1,2,3)
LHLUSWIG.MP3 Lionel Hampton * Loose Wig
PSLTHRGO.MP3 Passenger ** Let Her Go
GWUPTNSP.MP3 Gordon Webster * Uptown Sop

ALFLYMEA.MP3 Annie Little and Ashley ** Fly Me Away
CRDWAWOP.MP3 Creed * With Arms Wide Open
CPCLOCK.MP3  Coldplay *+ Clock
HDWWTSLV.MP3 Haddaway * What is Love
JMIMYOUR.MP3 Jason Mraz ** I'm yours
KCBTEYES.MP3 Kelly Clarkson **+ Behind These Eyes
LANDUNOW.MP3 Lady Antebellum *+ Need You Now
LLBLDLOV.MP3 Leone Lewis ** Bleeding Love
MCTCLIMB.MP3 Miley Cyrus *+ The Climb
NBRCKSTR.MP3 Nickelback *+ Rockstar
PNKPDLVM.MP3 Pink *** Please Don't Leave Me
PNKWHONU.MP3 Pink *** Who Knew (w/ Eve)
Pr500mls.MP3 Proclaimers *- I Would Walk 500 Miles
PrLtrFAm.MP3 Proclaimers * Letter From America
PrKngORd.MP3 Proclaimers * King of the Road
PrJfKmBl.MP3 The Proclaimers * The Joyful Kilmarnock Blues
TSFRLSS.MP3  Taylor Swift * Fearless
TSLVSTRY.MP3 Taylor Swift ** Love Story
TSUBLNWM.MP3 Taylor Swift *** You Belong with Me
UKSMILE.MP3 Uncle Kracker *** Smile
UKLVTDRM.MP3 Uncle Kracker * Livin' The Dream
UKCRNRBR.MP3 Uncle Kracker * Corner Bar
WEWHWDWR.MP3 Wreckless Eric * The Whole Wide World

The following are some of the MP3 files that I have and enjoy. Between the artist and song title is how much I like the song. '-' means I don't like it very much. Otherwise the number of '*'s shows how much I like a song. A '+' counts as a half '*'.

Right after the file name is the media that the MP3 file originated from. A simple ':' means that is was assumed to have been ripped from a CD. If it was from an album or tape that is put there instead.

BCarr1 MP3 files:

BCarr2 MP3 files:
BCarr3 MP3 files:
BCarr4 MP3 files:
Bcarr5 MP3 files:

BCarr6 MP3 files:
BCarr7 MP3 files:
BCarr8 MP3 files:
BCarr9 MP3 files:
BCarr10 MP3 files:
BCarr11 MP3 files:
BCarr12 MP3 files:
BCarr13 MP3 files:
BCarr14 MP3 files:
BCarr15 MP3 files:
BCarr16 MP3 files:
BCarr17 MP3 files:
BCarr18 MP3 files:
MCarr1 MP3 files:
MCarr2 MP3 files:
MCarr3 MP3 files:
MCarr4 MP3 files:
MCarrA MP3 files:
MCarrB MP3 files:
MCarrC MP3 files:
MCarrD MP3 files:

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